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Jewelry box production process and process

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The jewelry box is divided into two parts in the production and processing process: interior and outer box. There are inner top wrapping, bronzing, inner seat wrapping, etc. The quality control is divided into appearance and interior.

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1. The production process of the assembly of jewellery plastic boxes
(1) Production process of interior trim
When the semi-finished products arrive in the top seat packaging workshop, the workshop needs to check whether the materials are complete according to the bill of materials. If the accessories are complete and there is no shortage of materials, the production will be arranged. Before preparing the package, prepare bamboo sticks, glue and materials.

                                    Jewelry box
1. The packaging process of the inner roof
The top wrapping methods include flat top, concave top, and top with cloth. The materials used are satin, bead flocking cloth, PU leather, and the glue includes powder glue, yellow glue, and white latex. Tools include brushes and brushes. For flat-top packaging, first use a paintbrush to apply yellow glue on the four edges of the card paper. When the glue is half dry, stick the four sides of the fabric on the glued card paper; when packaging the flat-top, you need to wrap one side. Hold the corner of the card with both hands, and wrap the second side. The flat top wrapped in this way will not show corners when cutting corners, will not wrinkle in the box, and is very flat.

                                    Jewelry box
2. The inner top bronzing
Hot stamping is a finishing technology that hot stamps metal foil or pigment foil onto the surface of the material with the help of a certain pressure and temperature, commonly known as hot stamping. Hot stamping has a unique metallic luster and a strong visual effect, which makes the decorated products look extraordinarily luxurious and magnificent. The operating process generally has the following contents: preparations before bronzing → plate loading → pad plate → determination of hot stamping process parameters → trial hot → sign sample → formal hot stamping.

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