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What are the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the development of society, storage has become a daily topic for people, especially for more expensive items such as jewelry. The emergence of jewelry boxes can solve the problem of jewelry storage. Wooden jewelry storage boxes are even more popular among consumers. There are many advantages and advantages of wooden packaging boxes.
The materials of the wooden boxes are very different: there are mahogany, red sandalwood, pear, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, pine and so on. The first is the material used to make the wooden box. The surface treatment includes chemical coatings, raw material coatings, water-based coatings, etc., environmentally friendly wooden packaging boxes, after careful polishing, the polishing becomes purer and more natural!
Some woods are very hard and durable, and some can bend flexibly. Hardwood is one of the common woods that are picked from trees and shed their leaves in winter. Other types of wood are softwoods from evergreen trees, such as firs, pine and mahogany.

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Wooden boxes are commonly used packaging containers in the circulation field. There are mainly three types of wooden boxes: crate, frame crate, and frame crate.
Wooden boxes are usually used for the outer packaging of various high-end consumer goods because of their simple and thick texture, such as food gift boxes, wine gift boxes, health care products and valuable goods.

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The frame wooden box is composed of a wooden frame body skeleton of a certain cross-section, which can also be covered with wooden boards according to the needs of the skeleton. There are two forms of this kind of frame box. There is no wooden cover called an open frame box, and a wooden cover called a cover frame box. The frame box has a large pressure resistance and a large bearing capacity.
In order to protect the internal goods from collisions, the packaging wooden boxes are usually lined with paper, sponge, and foam. Due to the choice of materials, crafts and accessories, the price of wooden box packaging is higher than other forms of packaging. Because logs are expensive, in order to save costs, MDF (density fiberboard) is used instead, which saves costs and obtains the quality of products such as logs.

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All types of wood have a unique grain structure, such as white and red woods oak, pewter, and walnut with open pores. Can provide a unique texture quality. When the wood surface is stained, the color that is usually collected is open pores, which look darker than the entire part. There are woods with tension like maple, alder and other woods, and cherries. These woods have a smooth texture and can be finished evenly.
These naturally occurring features can be used as the general beauty of furniture. Wooden box packaging is often exquisite in workmanship, exquisite materials, and beautiful in appearance and shape, so the wooden box packaging itself usually has a strong ornamental and commercial nature.

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Wooden packaging boxes are worlds apart from ordinary printed products. They have a dynamic and dynamic image. These features can increase the added value of wooden packaging boxes and become an excellent means and novel media for customers to promote products and improve market image. They play an important role in attracting eyeballs. Effective effect. Based on the production management philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, service first", and relying on the good reputation and brand image accumulated over the years, it has become a well-known packaging box customization solution provider and wood product provider.

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