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The development and classification of jewelry boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Today, the world economy is developing rapidly and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Packaging has become a powerful weapon to stimulate consumption, expand sales, and increase product value. It has become an important factor closely related to economic development, technological progress and improving people's quality of life. With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people's consumption level, people's packaging requirements for various products are becoming higher and higher.

The hardcover packaging boxes are classified into a series of products such as jewelry, ornaments, watches, cosmetics, high-end wine, high-end tea, moon cakes, various gifts and so on.
With the improvement of people's living standards and the deepening of decoration culture, not only the Chinese people have a strong interest in wearing jewelry, but also the collection of jewelry has been further deepened, and foreign people have a strong interest in jewelry interest. Especially in Europe, America, Japan, and the Middle East, the demand for jewellery has greatly increased. In terms of materials, jewelry packaging boxes are mainly divided into paper boxes, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, lead boxes, and iron boxes.

The luxury of jewelry box design in the early twentieth century encountered new austerity in the 1930s. The First World War restricted access to basic supplies, and the Great Depression in the United States silenced the economy and wiped out the luxury of 1910-1920. Although jewelry is still very popular in a more modest case, so are jewelry boxes, but people pay more attention to economical design boxes and cost-effective materials.

Since ancient times, people's demand for jewelry boxes has not decreased. It can be seen from the jewelry box design of the 20th century that they are works of art just like earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether you are an avid jewelry lover or just want to start looking for an eye-catching container, a jewelry box will surely meet all your needs.

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