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What are the functions of wooden jewelry box design?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Among all kinds of packaging boxes, there are paper, wood and plastic. Among them, the design of wooden jewelry box is also very popular in recent years. There are also more and more consumers choose this kind of wooden box packaging, it is not only exquisite, high-end, compared with other packaging boxes more robust, durable. So, what is the specific role of wooden box packaging? Let's get to know it together!
1. Convenience: the wooden box packaging in the production, circulation, sales of each link, first of all to facilitate the production of the manufacturing, the appropriate process. Make the product circulation, and loading and unloading labor, firm.

                                           wooden jewelry box
2. Sales function: the wooden box is an important means to increase the value of products. Good packaging design, the most important thing is that it can convey all kinds of information, it can beautify the product, but also can promote the sales of the product, increase the competitiveness.

                                              wooden jewelry box
3. Protective effect: protect the goods from the invasion and damage of foreign objects, impact and extrusion in the process of transportation, as well as humidity and high temperature. Therefore, the structure of the wooden box packaging and all aspects of the design, protection should be placed in an important position.

                                                 wooden jewelry box
The packaging box of such wooden jewelry box design not only has many advantages, but also is very high-end appearance, and it is also a kind of product with a lot of face. The materials used in it feel very good, generous and elegant.

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