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No more than 100 yuan,These jewelry boxes will make your life more sophisticated

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Love the heart person of the United States all have, be worth especially the girl of cardamom time, chain of cosmetic, necklace, hand also cannot little beautiful little thing, how to call a person not to love? The lovely little act the role of article as a child arrives all sorts of jewelry after adult, headgear seems to be done specially for the woman, but headgear was much did not tidy up to go out to play or go to important occasion to find the earring that oneself like,With that in mind, here are some pink heart jewelry storage boxes to share with you
Nordic style ceramic animal jewelry box
Powder powder with very delicate princess super nice girl heart or heart are the most suitable for this kind of jewelry box, it has several different animals, rabbits, birds, elephants, see friend like which kind of animal, box of large storage capacity a dozen ring necklace is no problem, you can put it in the bedroom dresser, not only can receive jewelry also can decorate a room, the content and content value, but the material is brittle ceramic, friend can want to put light hand oh!

                                             jewelry boxes
Acrylic transparent jewelry box
Its material is acrylic, which is more durable than the general plastic jewelry box. There are three layers of partitions in the transparent box that can be extracted. The earrings, ear chains and necklaces can all be neatly hung on it. The two drawers below can be used for earrings bracelets. This jewelry box has two colors: black and transparent. I suggest the fairy buy the transparent one

                                               jewelry boxes
European style princess style portable multi-layer jewelry box
Take a mirror more jewelry implantation can accommodate more than fashion, appearance is able to bear or endure look colorful atmosphere, I am more like pink, more young girl heart! Ha ha ha ha, the layout of the jewelry box very reasonable, necklace, bracelet earring ring has a special distinction, if you are to receive control, in the face of such partition clear box should be happy, if you are a tourist talent to walk around, the jewelry bag is very suitable for you, receive a convenient to carry

                                                jewelry boxes
Nordic style antler jewelry frame
If a friend if you don't have much jewelry, you can buy the oh ~, don't worry about branch will scratch you, it is very smooth without barb, each branch is a clever, can hang all the jewelry of the chain, the tray below, you can put a watch bracelet, etc., during the winter, now a lot of small fairy there should be a furry ears ball, hanging above looks very nice oh ~, teenage heart to flood! , the price is not expensive 20 dollars can be taken, there is very enchanted?

                                                 jewelry boxes
Good jewelry grass here, and what do you want to see a good species of grass can leave a message below Oh! I see that I will share more interesting items to you oh!

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