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Is the jewellery box so exquisite for its beauty and economy?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Summer is here, and it's a good time to show off a long neck and white hands, and a good time to show off a wave of jewelry! For girls, necklaces, bracelets, ear studs, earrings, rings, watches...Of course, the more jewellery, the better.
But how should these jewelry be placed daily? Thinking of this, I have a headache. Today I recommend a good-looking and practical jewelry box to make a home for your "baby". "The value of beauty is justice", this jewelry storage box has a sense of luxury just by looking at it. Lying on the dressing table, like an exquisite handicraft.

                                      jewellery box
The appearance is made of microfiber leather. The raw material price of this leather is 4 times that of ordinary pu leather! This leather is lighter and more durable, and feels softer to the touch. The imitation leather velvet used inside has more uniform and dense hair, soft, smooth and elastic, which can better care for precious jewelry.
Handmade wooden boxes, 36 leather selections, 14 inner material selections, 8 LOGO printing solutions, 1095 days of waiting, adhere to the most stringent standards, just to wait for the best you. The metal switch of the flower key is designed with care in small details.

                                     jewellery box
Can fit 16-20 pairs of earrings, 4 rings, 5-6 bracelets or necklaces. It has upper and lower layers and multiple functional partitions. The four small compartments on the first floor can store small accessories such as brooches and earrings. The wavy ring groove can accommodate multiple rings, which is not only convenient for picking and placing, but also beautiful in appearance. The hidden compartment of the butterfly cover in the middle has a large capacity and can store relatively large jewelry such as bracelets, watches, and bracelets. There are four compartments on the lower level, and the partitions inside can be moved freely, and jewelry of different sizes can be stored freely. The lid also prepared a mirror intimately, saving money on the makeup mirror. And there is no need to entangle where the mirror is placed, where the jewelry box is, where the mirror is.

                                       jewellery box
There are a variety of colors to choose from, and each color can make your girl's heart beat. And each one comes with a gift box packaging. If it is used as a gift, it is a jewelry storage box that you can easily buy if you have confirmed your eyes.

                                      jewellery box
There are three styles to choose from, and you can buy them according to your needs. The ultra-fiber urban beauty model is suitable for jewelry lovers, who are crazy to buy and buy fairies. I would like to give you a special introduction to this luxurious microfiber urban beauty. Its capacity is about twice that of the ultra-fiber Pandora model, and there are more partitions for more detailed classification and storage. The small box in the middle is also convenient to carry when traveling on business~ After unfolding, it looks like a castle in a fairy tale. The wavy ring groove is like a small staircase leading to the castle. No girl can refuse this. Jewelry box!

                                         jewellery box
The problem of storing jewelry at home is solved, and storing jewelry is also a pain in the hearts of fairies. Every time you take out your jewelry from your suitcase, either one of your beloved earrings disappears inexplicably, or the necklaces are twisted into a ball... You can't miss this Vlando portable jewelry box.

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