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A fashionable watch box with very collectible value

Published by admin 2022-12-20

If a man can only have one kind of ornament, it must be a watch. A watch is to a man, like a medieval saber to a knight. It is an indispensable status symbol, and it is also a matching thing for a woman’s elegant status symbol, and a good one. The watch box is like a scabbard, and you can see the extraordinary features of a "sword" from the outside.

                                      watch box
Today I recommend this fashionable watch box to everyone. It is made of introverted and deep North American walnut solid wood. It is thick, stable, and atmospheric. The unique rounded craftsmanship of the watch box looks tough, but it is flexible without losing the soft wood. , Each piece of wood is a masterpiece of nature, with different textures, natural and beautiful 45-degree beveled edges, hidden in the quiet, not showing the mountains and dew, the texture of black walnut is low-key and reluctant to pursue

                                           watch box
In many watch boxes, the stunning appearance, the group is brave in all directions, breaks through the convention, refuses the vulgar 45-degree bevel of the rule, the combination of rigidity and softness, the heart has a fierce tiger, and the sniffing rose watch core represents the extremely sophisticated existence in modern Seiko. The finishing touch to the entire watch box.

                                          watch box
It is also an elegant gray flannel lining for the opening and closing grips, which is coordinated and elegant, not easy to get dirty. The table pillow is filled with space cotton. It is soft and flexible. The design of a toughened and transparent glass cover is used. Craftsmanship, long-term companionship, 95-degree opening and closing open lid and hovering design, easy to wear in our daily life, copper-plated hinge design, not only beautiful, strong, and durable, the watch box shows a return to innocence life attitude for contemporary urbanites. Facing the fast-paced life in reinforced concrete, still being able to maintain inner peace and freedom allows us to pursue a natural and pure beautiful life.

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