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How to custom make the package box?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

                                      package box


For custom making a package box, we will consider below several points:


1.Dimensions (width*length*height)

      Usually there will have regular size for specific products, and also can be customized made if have special request,

      according to the product's size;


     2. Thickness of the card board

      For bigger size box, we will use thicker card board as like 1200g-1500g, which is around 2.5mm-3mm thickness, and

      for smaller size box, we can use 800g-1000g, which is around 1.5mm-2mm thickness.  


     3. Wrapping material

      We can use paper/fabric/leather to be the outside wrapping material, and color all can be customized made for each

      kind of material.


     4. Logo craftsmanship

      Can be printing/hot stamping/UV/emboss/metal plate logo on the box, according to the requested design, choose the

      best way to reflect the brand well.


     5. Sample

      One is free sample for checking quality only, and the custom made sample can be a better reference of the requested

      design/color/logo/material quality.


     6. MOQ

      Usually each factory have MOQ request for mass order. MOQ request is a way to reduce the total cost from ordering

      material, labor cost, and time cost.


     During material choosing at the first, and later sample proofing, production and delivery, the whole procedure we may

     have a lot of questions and request good suggestions, that’s why we are much eager to find a good package expert for

     that. YDP package is always a helpful friend. Welcome to contact and find more.   


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