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one stop service jewelry box factory

Published by admin 2022-12-20


YDP jewelry package manufacture is specialized in providing suitable packing solution for jewelry products customers in gold,

diamonds, fashion jewelry, silver, stone and pearl jewelries. We are focusing on the creative design for brands jewelry products,

develop new box styles, good control and management of production, in-time delivery and good after sale service.


YDP jewelry box factory’s products are produced not only for protecting jewelry products but also the outside elegant looking.

Our aim is to enhance the relationship between our jewelry products customer and their consumers. A professional jewelry box

factory with good insight and excellent production skills is able to make a normal package become an art.


No matter what jewelry package you are looking for, economic or luxury, we can provide quality one top service from designing,

sampling, producing and delivery. If you have interest or request on discussing about jewelry packages, YDP jewelry box factory 

is your best cooperating friends.


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