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Customization makes the jewelry box more in line with the brand style

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Good-looking jewelry, if matched with a good packaging design, will definitely play a finishing touch. It will increase the brand image and make customers more easily attracted and accepted, grasp the psychological needs of core customers, and create their own brand characteristics. . To create a jewelry box with brand characteristics, you can think about these aspects.
1. Research and positioning, according to the age, gender, cultural habits, etc. of the target consumer group, there will be different preferences for the color and shape of the packaging. Different jewellery products also have different characteristics, so what needs to be done in the early stage of design is research, and then based on the obtained information to position the brand, product, consumer and so on.
2. Carry out the conception of the design around the positioning. If the jewelry packaging design is to be done well, the conception must be clear. From the whole to the part, from the type to the processing method, the conception must be carried out in detail.

                                  jewelry box
3. Once you have an idea, you can select packaging materials based on various factors. At present, the materials that can be used for packaging include wood, cloth, paper, and metal materials with natural properties, while synthetic materials include rubber, synthetic fibers, and plastics. Select the most suitable material after analyzing the physical and chemical characteristics of various materials.

                                jewelry box
4. Carrying out the design of shape and structure. This design needs to take into account the specifications, shape, placement direction, structure and other factors of the packaging, which is the most basic design work.

                                 jewelry box
5. The design of visual effects generally uses text, graphics, color and other factors to bring consumers an intuitive visual experience, and convey product information and brand culture.
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