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Diversified development trend of jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The development of any industry are not out of the imprint of The Times, in the visual age in the jewelry industry is no exception, including jewelry box displays different design styles, in the presentation of different packaging material to reflecting the properties of the different products, create diversified development trend of jewelry packaging, coupled with different social media marketing to achieve the purpose of promoting product sales. The future development trend of jewelry packaging can be roughly divided into three aspects: product-oriented design, consumer-centered and market-oriented.

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Jewelry packaging design takes the product as the design point, combines the characteristics of the product itself, determines the form of packaging according to the volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors of the jewelry, shapes the personality and temperament of the jewelry brand, and fully embodies the attributes of the product.

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Jewelry packaging design is market-oriented. Before the design conception, necessary market research should be carried out to fully understand the market situation, observe the market dynamics and obtain the freshest design concept from the feedback information of the market. Reasonable positioning should be made to avoid the disconnection with the market caused by the designers' blindly pursuit of personal taste and personal style.

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Jewelry packaging design is consumer-centered. Packaging designers should fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, consider the psychology of customers, and carry out targeted product packaging design on the basis of market research. Packaging style and emotional expression must be in line with the target group's age, level, aesthetic taste, so as to resonate with them.
With the shift of jewelry consumption center, customers have diversified demands for jewelry brands, such as individualization and fashion. Therefore, as the bearer of jewelry, jewelry packaging design will also develop in a diversified direction.

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