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What is the relationship between visual marketing and jewelry box customization?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Before understanding the relationship between visual marketing and jewelry box customization, we need to first understand what role jewelry box plays. Jewelry box has the following role:
 Protecting articles: the most basic functions include packaging, jewelry boxes, cases and bags, etc.
Advertising: the packaging of printed matter is essentially to publicize the enterprise and its products.

                            jewelry box customization
Increase profit: Exquisite packaging will raise the price of the product, so there will be a large profit space.
Promote sales: As people's requirements for jewelry crafts become higher and higher, jewelry packaging becomes more and more delicate, which makes it easier to win customers' attention and trust.
In jewelry marketing, in addition to the guarantee of the quality of their own goods, the sales volume is sometimes affected by store decoration, jewelry display and jewelry packaging. However, jewelry packaging is often ignored or ignored by merchants. Beautiful packaging shape can not only strengthen practicality, but also attract the attention of consumers. And the difference of color can bring different visual response, leave deep impression in consumer mind.
On the packaging modeling, unique octagonal modeling let the jewelry box of Cartier has been imitated, because of its unique modeling design, by the general welcome of consumers, tell the brand image and design connotation, highlight the attraction of jewelry, so as to successfully obtain sales.

                                 jewelry box customization
In terms of color, unique Tiffany blue is already the representative color of Tiffany, deeply implanted in the hearts of consumers, when they see the color, they will think of Tiffany at the first time, so as to improve brand awareness. In jewelry box design, color collocation should consider the social factors of color. For example, color causes psychological reaction and symbolism, color amiability, color serialization design and so on. How well these problems are dealt with directly affects the sale of goods. The nature of color has an important influence on people's psychology and physiology.

                                 jewelry box customization
In the customization of jewelry boxes, not only the safety of jewelry should be considered, but also the aesthetics should be considered in combination with the brand, so that consumers can enjoy the beauty in the jewelry and its packaging, so as to promote the sales of goods.

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