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How to choose the jewelry packing box?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

A perfect jewelry box besides can match the modelling of fine jewelry and material, also need the unity of practicality and convenience, nowadays many people like to buy all kinds of jewelry, jewelry to buy more to receive is a problem, when you don't use jewelry, improper storage will affect the life of the jewelry, this reflects the importance of an appropriate jewelry box, so an appropriate jewelry box is indispensable. But many people do not know how to choose when buying jewelry boxes, so what are the skills of the selection of jewelry boxes?
1. Choose by jewelry
Before we choose the jewelry box, we'd better take a look at the number, type, material hardness, style size of our jewelry. If the amount of jewelry, a variety of that you must need a large capacity jewelry box. Jewelry box will be divided into small compartments according to the category, if the ring is more, you need more ring pad, if the necklace is more, you need more hooks, if the hand string, bracelet more, you need more compartments, so that you can be stored in a classified way, so that we use jewelry or store jewelry is a lot more convenient.
This is our production of a jewelry storage tray, storage display is not wrong

                                             jewelry packing box
2. Choose according to daily needs
Jewelry box selection also has to pay attention to our daily needs, if we need to travel often, or like to travel, then portable jewelry box or jewelry bag is essential. If we like to take off the jewelry before going to bed, then we can place a small jewelry box on the bedside table and so on. In fact, there are differences in the jewelry box we buy for different habits and different uses. Generally speaking, it is suitable for their daily needs.
The above two points are for personal convenience. If you choose from the perspective of jewelry, they can be summarized as the following three points:

                                        jewelry packing box
(1) size
Jewelry boxes come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of almost any type of jewelry collection. Whether you only have a few treasures or a huge treasure trove, there is something for you. If you have a small collection now, but you plan to increase it in the near future, then it's best to choose larger jewelry boxes. After all, high-quality jewelry boxes should last for years, which will save you the time and cost of constantly upgrading your jewelry boxes.
(2) material
Look for a jewelry box made of a quality material, such as wood or leather. If properly handled, they prevent moisture buildup and provide good insulation, preventing the jewelry from tarnishing. Timbers like oak and pine are very durable and are used to make some of the most ornate jewelry boxes. You also need to consider the lining material, should choose a very soft lining like felt, too hard or too rough packing lining may damage your jewelry.
This one is also the one we are producing. The outer material is carved and the inside is brown long wool. It is both appreciative and practical
The only drawback to high quality materials is that they lead to higher prices. But this can easily be refuted by the fact that jewelry boxes made of quality materials will also last longer.

                                           jewelry packing box
(3) Visual attraction
This is an item that will be in your home for years, you will probably see it every day, and even others in your home will be able to see it, and you don't want your jewelry box to be dazzling or embarrassing. Jewelry boxes come in many different designs, and you can find one in any style you like, from the very stylish modern designs to the more complex classical designs.
Selecting the right jewelry box can seem difficult and time-consuming, but it's an important task for anyone who values jewelry, and taking the time to consider all your needs and options is sure to find something that will please you very much.

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