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There is a very mysterious packaging box called a drawer box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

If heaven and earth cover box can give a person a kind of intuitive feeling, so drawer box can make a kind of mystery feeling to the person. Said it is mysterious, because the shape that sees it lets a person have kind of impulse to wait to pull out to explore inside "treasure".
This chest of drawers is naturally a "treasure box". Drawer type box cover is tube shaped, and the box body is disk shaped, the box cover box body is two independent structures. The modeling of such planning, let open become a kind of fun. Slowly pulling the moment becomes an instant pleasure. This type of box is very suitable for gift packing, tea packing, jewelry packing, watch packing and electronic products packing.

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The mystery of the drawer box, can be a multi-purpose, classification, level separation. If you want to save space, and want to put the same brand of different series of products in a package, double drawer box is a good choice. For example, this tea drawer box, upper can put black tea, lower can put green tea. Let the customer at a glance.

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Drawer packing box, strong, convenient and practical. The drawer box can improve the price of the product through decoration, such as increasing the bronzing, UV, convex, embossing and other processes, which can not only prominently highlight the brand information, but also show the unique texture of the carton, and the artistic sense of the whole packaging box is fully surrounded. The product suddenly gives itself a unique and high-end style because of the packaging. Customers' confidence in the brand is also high. There is no market for it.

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The inner box of the drawer gift box can choose cardboard, add some EVA inner support, plastic inner support, flannelette, color cloth to enhance protection, and beauty, convenient in sales display display, beautification publicity, improve the value, attract customers, improve competitiveness, and facilitate customers to subscribe.
The drawer box customized by Huiyuan Packaging and Printing Factory has simple, beautiful, atmospheric appearance, thick material, wear-resisting, press-resisting, strong humanized planning, line circulation, comfortable looking and enhancing product value. If you have packaging printing needs, welcome to consult us. We will as always with heart, heart, patience for you to create full marks of packaging.

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