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Natural green packaging, wooden jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Green environmental protection is our biggest problem in China, and it is one of the most pressing priorities of this year's policies, such as green life, green food, green industry, and green production.
In the product packaging industry, whether it is paper packaging, iron box packaging or wooden packaging boxes, it is closely related to green environmental protection. The implementation of green packaging is an inevitable trend in the overall development of packaging in the world. Whoever recognizes this first will be in an active position and invincible in the future world packaging market competition.
First of all, the wooden jewelry packaging box is durable and chemically stable. The items stored in the wooden jewelry packaging box are not prone to chemical changes and can be stored better.
Secondly, the appearance of the wooden jewelry packaging box is plastic, easy to engrave and shape, inkjet and color, and customize the pattern, and it looks more beautiful and tasteful in appearance. In addition to the role of storing items, it is also very suitable as an ornament in the home.

                             wooden jewelry box
Moreover, the sources of wood are wide, and there are many types of wood, which can meet different market needs and personalized customization of customers.
Green packaging should follow the following principles:
1. Packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmless to humans and organisms. Packaging materials should not contain toxic substances or the content of toxic substances should be controlled below the relevant standards.

                              wooden jewelry box
2. Implement packaging reduction. Green packaging should be an appropriate packaging with the least amount of use under the condition that it satisfies the functions of protection, convenience, and sales. Countries such as Europe and the United States list packaging reduction as the first choice for the development of harmless packaging.
3. Packaging waste can be degraded and corrupted. In order not to form permanent garbage, packaging waste that cannot be recycled must be decomposed and decomposed to achieve the purpose of improving the soil. All industrialized countries in the world attach importance to the development and utilization of biological or photodegradable packaging materials.

                              wooden jewelry box
4. The packaging should be easy to reuse or recycle. Through repeated use, or through recycling of waste, production of recycled products, incineration and utilization of heat energy, composting to improve soil and other measures to achieve the purpose of reuse. It neither pollutes the environment, but also makes full use of resources.
5. During the entire life cycle of packaged products, there should be no environmental pollution or public hazards. That is to say, the whole life process of packaging products from raw material collection, material processing, manufacturing products, product use, waste recycling, and final disposal should not cause public hazards to the human body and the environment.

                                wooden jewelry box
As a new and fashionable packaging material, the wooden packaging box is a recyclable material, and while following the environmental protection packaging, it does not lose its high-end and high-grade feeling. Compared with plastic packaging, the burning of plastic will produce a lot of harmful gases, including aromatic hydrocarbons that are easy to cause cancer. It can be seen that the natural green packaging is non-wood packaging box!

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