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5 minutes, take you a preliminary understanding of wooden jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Nowadays, the jewelry boxes on the market are made of different materials, such as paper, PU, leather and wood, which are common, and each has its own advantages. However, due to the influence of traditional culture, in all materials of the jewelry box, wooden jewelry box by the most women's favor, after all, in the "early get Emei", "on the mirror decal yellow" and other Chinese women look forward to the scene, there are wooden jewelry box, but at that time they are also called "makeup box". Therefore, today we will follow, together to understand the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes and what to pay attention to when buying wooden jewelry boxes.

                         wooden jewelry box
First of all, what are the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes? According to years of experience in the research and development of wooden jewelry box, the following points are summarized for us:
1, wood can inhibit chemical changes, in other words, wooden jewelry box is not easy to have chemical reaction with jewelry, it will not affect the quality of jewelry, therefore, wooden jewelry box is particularly suitable for the preservation of high-end jewelry, especially the fine jewelry. This feature is not available in either paper or PU or leather jewelry boxes, so it is also the biggest advantage of wooden jewelry boxes.

                             wooden jewelry box
2, High plasticity of wooden appearance. Woody jewelry box surface, inside are directly carved, can meet the individual needs of customers, so beautiful, personality of the jewelry box itself is a wonderful decoration, very suitable for the home to do for people to appreciate the artwork, can be the user's home design to add a touch of artistic sense.
The above two points are the advantages of wooden jewelry box summarized for us. We must have a certain understanding of this kind of jewelry box. Then, we will see what suggestions we put forward to buy wooden jewelry box for us!

                               wooden jewelry box
Above all, the lumber kind of woodiness jewelry box is quite big to its quality and price influence, common jewelry box uses wood of beech wood, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa, rubber wood, oak. And precious jewelry box mainly uses wood of pear wood, chicken wing, red sandalwood, everybody is fond of according to oneself and psychological price choose and buy go.
Secondly, when choosing a wooden jewelry box, it is best to open the drawer of the wooden jewelry box, and carefully observe whether the wood is dry and whether the texture is close and delicate, so as to judge the quality of the wood. We suggest that you choose dry, compact wooden jewelry box, its storage effect is better Oh.
Finally, you can judge whether the wooden jewelry box is made of solid wood by observing the grain and knot. If you look at scarring on boards, for example, usually if there is a knot on one board, there will be a corresponding board with the same scar.
The above is to summarize the information related to the wooden jewelry box, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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