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Watch gift box wholesale guide, learn how to purchase the right packaging for the watch box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Probably the biggest concern of every watch owner is to keep the watch in perfect condition. In these cases, the watch box comes in handy. This is why we will review all the contents you need to observe and the most commonly used materials in the production of the watch box before buying the watch box to ensure that you choose the best watch box. let's start!

What is a watch box?
Initially, you should know what a watch box is. After purchasing a watch, the next step is to find a suitable place to store the watch when not wearing it. Therefore, the watch box is a container for storing the watch when you are not wearing it. This becomes especially important when you own multiple watches. Each of them is a piece of art, and you want to keep them in their best condition and display them accordingly. This is especially true if you are an Apple Watch owner. Having an Apple Watch storage box can effectively protect the display from scratches and keep your Apple Watch safe.

The watch box can be made of various materials, but no matter what kind of material your watch box is made of, the inside is coated with a soft material, such as velvet, to protect the watch from scratches and damage, which is in your interest . You can install additional software plug-ins to ensure more protection.

Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

What should I consider before buying a watch box?
First, you should consider its potential size. According to the size of your collection, you can choose a box to hold one, several or even dozens of watches. When choosing the best watch box, you should consider what you want this box to be. There is no doubt that if you buy the watch box for its sole purpose, you can put a simple watch storage box in the drawer of the dressing table. However, if you like to match your work with the interior design of your home, a better idea is to buy a watch display cabinet that best brings out the interior of the room where you spend most of your time. It may bring good contact with the inside, or it can be used as a good conversation start.

Second, investigate other details of some watch boxes. The most common feature is the glass window on the top of the watch box, so you don’t even need to open the lid to view your watch collection. Acrylic glass will be a cheaper and safer choice, but to make your watch box look more refined, choose glass with real glass windows. This is also a way to distinguish low-end watch boxes from high-end watch boxes. Or, if you want to be more cautious, you can use a large number of watch boxes with sturdy casings.

Last but not least, watch boxes can provide multiple functions, so if you are considering an option that can store not only watches but also jewelry or cufflinks, please search for those with extra drawers to provide extra storage space product. Some of the more luxurious watch boxes also come with a watch winder. These automatic watch winding boxes are especially useful if you don't plan to wear your watch every day and don't like to wind it manually.

Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

Generally speaking, these are the most common aspects of the usefulness of a watch box, but its appearance is equally important, or even more important. So, what kind of watch box should you get?

The most common watch box materials

Wooden watch box
Wood is the most commonly used material in the production of watch boxes. It is not only a high-quality material, but also environmentally friendly. Responsibly sourced wood is renewable, so there is no need to worry about harming nature. If you choose to buy a wooden watch box, you can ensure that your watch frame maintains its quality and will not be damaged for a long time. Perhaps the biggest concern with wooden watch boxes is that they are more susceptible to damp and moisture damage.

Wood is also very attractive visually, and has a natural look and feel. It has a wide range of uses. These exposed wooden boxes can become exquisite interior decorations, making the room look more natural and fresher.

If you happen to own a wooden watch, a watch box made of wood will match your watch perfectly. If you are paying attention to wooden watch boxes, every Ovi watch comes with a stylish and beautiful wooden watch box.

Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

Cardboard watch box
If you do not desire any fancy display and value simplicity and low cost, this is a good choice. Cardboard is the cheapest option. It also has the greatest potential for customization, because you can choose to personalize the appearance of the watch box, as long as the seller allows it. These watch boxes are easier to recycle and do not require a lot of resources to produce. Although cardboard may not be as stylish and elegant as other materials, it is still a good interior decoration.

Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

Leather watch box
If you tend to buy leather watch boxes, there are two ways to choose-genuine leather or PU leather, which is commonly known as artificial leather.
Normally, the carcass under the leather finish will be made of a different material (wood in most cases), but this will never reduce the value of the product. This kind of watch box looks particularly delicate in your home. Men's leather watch boxes can be great gifts for family or important other people.

If you choose a leather watch box, you can be sure that it will be more durable than an artificial leather watch box (the service life is twice or three times that). This becomes especially important if your life includes the frequent transportation of watches. Genuine leather is an economical material, while looking valuable and elegant. If you are looking for a Rolex watch box, this will be a suitable choice. The duo will complement each other and create an elegant image.

On the other hand, if you are looking for leather appearance, cheaper options, vegan or multiple colors, PU or artificial leather will be your better choice.
PU leather or polyurethane leather is a cheaper alternative than genuine leather, and its production is more ethical. It is easy to clean. And the biggest advantage-100% PU leather is vegan. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more important for people to choose cruelty-free alternatives to known products. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian, please look for a 100% PU leather watch box to ensure that your product will not cause harm to animals, because in some cases PU leather contains leftover genuine leather. Disadvantages-Your PU leather watch box may wear out faster, but if you travel with your watch series frequently, it may be worth researching the available PU leather watch box series.

Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

Cork watch box
This is a bit unusual, but why not? Cork comes from a bark called cork oak, which is an interesting material to say the least. Cork is a light, waterproof and strong material, so you can be confident that a watch box made of cork will keep your watch safe and sound. If this is the kind of feeling you want, then this is a great way to bring a bit of nature into your home.
It is true that these watch boxes are usually only used to store one or a few watches. If you are an avid collector of dozens of watches among collectors, you may need to find other suitable alternatives. However, if this has nothing to do with you, it may become a unique watch gift box with a difference.

Cloth watch box
Speaking of gifts, the watch box made of fabric that people most often feel may be a great and heartfelt gift for a loved one. If you don't want the most elegant and expensive look, but something that looks real, a felt watch box may be the right choice for you. This watch box does not exude wealth and elegance, but gives people a warm and comfortable feeling.

Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

Aluminum watch box
The aluminum watch box can provide your watch with an expensive and stylish appearance. Everyone who owns a watch can use a smaller aluminum case, serious collectors can use a larger case, and can even store 12 or more watches. Some of these watch boxes look like briefcases, so you can easily carry them wherever you go. But don't let the sound of the aluminum case scare you, because in most cases, they are lined with soft foam to ensure the safety of your work. If you travel a lot and carry your watch collection with you, this kind of briefcase will be a more suitable choice.

 Watch Gift Box Wholesale Guide

Plastic watch box
Due to the variety of plastics, these watch boxes can range from ordinary containers for carrying a watch to cases reminiscent of aluminum briefcases. If you don't care about having the most luxurious watch box, but storage is more important to you, then a plastic watch box may be your best choice. Equipped with good insulating materials, it can prevent your watch from being damaged by water or any other liquid. They are very light and you can customize them more easily. If you are looking for popular colors for your interior design, this is a good choice.

Collector watch box
If you are an avid watch collector, it is obvious that you only need the best watch box to protect your work. Fortunately, there are many discounts for you to choose from. These watch cases are larger in size, giving you the opportunity to store all your watch collections in one place. They are made of several rows of compartments to hold your watch, and sometimes may be just part of a multi-layered case. It is more appropriate to find an automatic watch winding box to ensure that your watch can be worn at any time. The watch box is specially designed for collectors. The luxurious texture and high quality will surprise you.

Have you decided which material of the watch box best suits your lifestyle and interests? When you are still looking for the best watch, please check out our range of wooden watches here to perfectly match your new watch box.

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