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How to choose the inner lining of the watch box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Before using the watch, the watch is placed in the box. In order to better protect the watch, the packaging box manufacturer generally considers the lining design and material selection of the watch box when making the watch box, so that the watch will receive it. For better protection, the inner lining of the watch box is very important. Whether the watch is well protected or not, a big factor is the choice of lining.
Sponge lining
It has the characteristics of softness, anti-extrusion, high resilience, good shockproof effect, low cost of sponge, and very simple work. It is widely used in high-end watch manufacturers. Visually, it has many holes and a star-studded effect, which is a good contrast to bring out the grade of the watch.

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Flannel lining
Strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, soft and thick to the touch, the type is velveteen, flocking cloth. Add the velvet lining box of high-end watches, the fashion sense of the watch, the noble style appears immediately. Good-looking flannel is more eye-catching, and it is the first to attract attention from the color.

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Plastic lining
It has the advantages of good stability, anti-extrusion, and easy to deform. It is not often used in watch packaging plastic liners. Because its impact effect is not as good as sponge and EVA, it is usually used for food packaging, such as chocolate packaging and moon cake packaging. When using plastic lining, it is often combined with silk cloth j. Silk cloth has a very high gloss, in order to continuously increase the texture of the company's products for packaging.

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EVA lining
Lining material is the most common because it is resistant to corrosion, aging, corrosion, odor, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, optical density, moisture absorption, and various colors and high-grade other characteristics. The protective performance of the watch box is very good of. The stability is also very good, and the protection is also strong. Not easy to fall out
The customization of watch boxes is an aspect that watch merchants and enterprises should take seriously. Nowadays, it is the age of looking at the "face", the watch is so high-end, the watch box can not lose the "face" of the watch. Therefore, in the design and customization of watch boxes, we are carefully designing and selecting materials. Find a good manufacturer of customized packaging boxes.

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