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Describe the types of jewelry boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry is an indispensable decoration for women. It is very important to choose a suitable jewelry box. What are the types of jewelry boxes?
The types of jewelry boxes are as follows:
1. Paper jewelry box
At present, the paper box on the market is generally made of board cardboard, wrapped in a layer of filled paper, filled paper is generally imported from abroad is better. This kind of box relative price is relatively cheap, generally silver jewelry stores used more. It is also the most common style we have seen in the jewelry box. It is simple and easy to spend less money. Businesses are also very willing to choose this kind of jewelry box.

                           Paper jewelry box
2. Glass jewelry box
Made of plexiglass, not easily broken, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion, glass jewelry box and fashion elements combined, giving a strong sense of The Times, as well as a modern atmosphere. Such boxes are usually wrapped in high-end jewelry.

                         Glass jewelry box
3. Colloid jewelry box
This kind of jewelry box is generally used injection molding processing, open mold mass production, generally tens of thousands of demand, mostly flocking, also have pasting processing, the jewelry box of this kind of material price is the lowest, the grade is not very low, is the first choice of most jewelers.

                             Colloid jewelry box
4. velvet jewelry box
The flocking box is mainly made of plastic with flocking on the surface, which makes it look more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively higher grade than paper boxes. Generally, it is also silver jewelry, gold and so on. Businesses like Zhou Sang Sang will choose to use this kind of jewelry box, which is suitable for gold and silver jewelry with texture.

                           Flocking jewelry box
5. Wooden jewelry box
Solid wood jewelry box belongs to the high-end jewelry packaging, generally with solid wood as the main material, spray paint processing, many enterprises use this kind of solid wood jewelry box export to foreign countries. Batch is not big, but the production cycle is long, the price is expensive. This kind of jewelry box is generally used by small businesses more, because of the high cost, so the price of jewelry is generally not too low!

                           Wooden jewelry box
It seems that there are so many jewelry boxes made of different materials, which one do you like best? Or do you have any better options please share with us.

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