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Several best travel jewelry boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Most people want to have a walk-and-go trip, and jewelry is a necessity for every girl to travel, so the question is how to store jewelry! After all, there is nothing worse than untying a entangled necklace, so you may need a travel jewelry box.
Jewelry boxes are similar to cosmetic bags. They usually have a separate space for storing rings and earrings. Most of the linings will be mounted with fabrics such as suede or velvet to protect the jewelry from scratches, maintain its cleanliness and gloss. Let me introduce you to several travel jewelry packaging.
Jewelry binder
The jewelry binder is thin enough to fit into any suitcase or travel bag without taking up too much space; you can also customize it, the snaps can prevent the necklace from tangling, and the interlayer can store earrings and rings.

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Jewelry Roll
If you like short trips, you can choose to use jewelry rolls, which have enough space for you to carry the valuables you need. There are zipper pockets and snap pockets inside to store each item in its own place, and the volume is very large It is small and can be put in a hotel safe.

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Travel jewelry box
The travel jewelry box is completely modular. If your jewelry collection increases, you can stack multiple boxes together and still protect your jewelry safely. The internal compartment can store rings, earrings and small accessories They are together and compact, so you can just take them out of the suitcase and put them in the hotel safe.

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Jewelry suitcase
The jewelry suitcase is very suitable for girls who like to choose. Its compartment can accommodate a variety of jewelry and small accessories. The interior generally includes three parts: ring rolls can be used to store rings and earrings; wall pockets can be used to store Bracelets; the compartment can store some hairpins, headdresses, lipsticks, etc. The full zipper closure can prevent the loss of jewelry.
Jewelry storage box
The jewelry storage box is a very small jewelry box. It can be placed directly in a backpack or shoulder bag. It is very suitable for weekend vacations. It can also be opened or closed with a button and has a separate compartment.
The perfect travel jewelry packaging box can not only be used to protect and store your jewelry during travel, but also as a display of chic dressing table in daily life.

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