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Concave convex technology of jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry packaging shines brightly because of the dazzling of jewelry. Many friends are always attracted by the exquisite patterns and LOGO with strong texture on some jewelry boxes, and they are hard to extricate themselves from their love at first sight. Art Ding Peng packaging tells you, in fact, this is the commonly used concave and convex jewelry packaging process.

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The concave and convex process is a common printing method to improve the product grade in some high-end packaging customization factories. This process is a special processing technology in the surface decoration processing of printed matter. It uses the concave and convex die to make the substrate of printed matter plastic deformation under certain pressure, so as to carry out artistic processing on the surface of printed matter. Embossed various convex graphics and patterns, showing different shades of patterns, with an obvious sense of relief, enhance the three-dimensional sense of printing and artistic appeal.

                                jewelry box
In concave-convex printing, instead of using ink, the pressure of the press is directly used to imprint. The operation method is the same as that of general relief printing, but the pressure is higher. If the quality requirements are high, or the paper is thick and hard, hot pressing can also be used, that is, the current is put through on the metal plate of the printing press.

                                  jewelry box
The concave-convex embossing process is mostly used in the post-processing of printed matter and paper containers, such as packaging carton, decoration bottle label, trademark, book binding, calendar, greeting card and so on. Jewelry packaging boxes are more widely used. Jewelry packaging usually pays more attention to the visual experience of luxury. Jewelry packaging factories often use the concave and convex embossing process and the artistic expression method of combining depth and thickness, so that the appearance of packaging products can be more perfectly reflected in art.

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