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Packing solid wood jewelry boxes to make a home for your beloved jewelry

Published by admin 2022-12-20

If you don't have a big jewelry box, how do you put your jewelry? Do you often want to find this accessory but can't find it? Is it because the accessory is often placed everywhere. Come and take a look at this jewelry box with the Shaanxi jewelry box custom manufacturer. I don't think there is a girl who doesn't want this jewelry box. And it's made of solid wood, it's very usable and better looking, let's take a look!
                                           wood jewelry boxes

Low-key luxury craftsmanship. This solid wood jewellery box combines oriental craftsmanship and classical aesthetics, and the overall structure is retro and stylish; the drawer design is more practical and beautiful, and the drawer is not easy to slip, and it is more convenient. And it uses a 2cm high bottom design, four-legged rubber pad to protect the desktop, practical and strong. At the same time, it is equipped with metal handles, and the matching of "golden and wood" is appropriately embellished, allowing you to have a beautiful and convenient use experience.

                                              wood jewelry boxes
This solid wood jewelry storage box is equipped with a lid and a variety of styles to choose from, to meet your different needs; the drawers are designed with partitions, each drawer has its own purpose, and classified storage makes it more organized. The internal space design satisfies all kinds of jewelry storage. Earrings, rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, sweater chains, etc. have dedicated storage areas. Each layer is affixed with flocking cloth to avoid wear and tear of jewelry and let you enjoy the storage life.

                                              wood jewelry boxes
The whole box looks very textured, with a retro look and shape, which is really exciting. I feel that I am also a small business with a jewelry box. The merchant packs it very well. In addition to the outer package, there is a custom fixed inside. The foam board feels at ease when you get it. It is made of black peach wood material, which is really textured and beautiful.

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