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What kind of jewelry box design can be recognized by the public?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

According to experience, the quality of the jewelry box directly determines his survival status in the market, which is worth our deep research, how to design a popular jewelry box?
1,Shape: Jewelry boxes come in various shapes, just like the square or round ones that are common to us. These two forms are also the most common and basic packaging forms in daily life.

                                       jewelry box design
2, artistic: each carefully processed packaging goods can reflect a certain degree of artistry, can pay attention to the decorative belt, decorative flowers and other small ornaments in the packaging of the role, through them can increase the artistic effect, plays a particularly key role.

                                        jewelry box design
3, Emotional: color has a great impact on people's emotions, so the color of packaging can be divided by age: cold colors should be mainly male; Simple, high and cold should appeal to women, while children should choose bright, lively and lovely patterns.

                                       jewelry box design
Only pay attention to these points, we design the gift box packaging design and add these several essence, I believe that such a gift box packaging will be popular.

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