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Can't pick a jewelry box? Choose a jewelry box in 3 minutes!

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Every beautiful girl, full of beautiful things in eyes small act the role of article affirmation cannot let go. Buy more, storage is a problem that can not be ignored, tidy up the storage box that is an essential choice.
So how to choose the right jewelry box?
Receiving box is the box that holds the thing, collect the thing namely, so, how to choose to receive box? Here to those who want to buy friends, to provide a little experience and reference.
1, choose the right material
The storage box has plastic, non-woven cloth, and non-woven film and other materials, these materials have their own characteristics, if the things are less, you can choose plastic, lighter; Load more things, or with non-woven film, easier to clean.
If it is to store jewelry, you can choose a little delicate, special style, so that you can more highlight the delicate temperament of pig pig girl.

                                     jewelry box
2, Choose a storage box that does not take up space
When receiving a box in the choose and buy, had better buy can fold, such can save space to the greatest extent, when using a box, can spread out layer upon layer, need not be able to fold good, or the design of itself is the kind of layer upon layer progressive, the thing that puts will be more, very convenient also.

                               jewelry box
3, choose good quality storage box
Receiving box is easy to wear and tear, use long to be able to appear take off line, opening and so on problem, because this should choose good quality, suture, interface is stronger better, actually delicate iron box or transparent plastic box, also be very good choice yo.

                                 jewelry box
4, ​Choose something with a beautiful pattern
Receiving a box is to hold all sorts of goods not only, have the effect that beautification lives in an environment more, because this had better buy design decorative pattern beautiful, can add luster to add luster to the environment in the home, let a person look more pleasing to the eye also, the design such as lotus, lotus is good for instance.
Choose what style, decide by oneself be fond of, the most important thing is, want practical, the thing that pack wants more, after all, these small goods see want to buy, stop not at all.

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