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Paper jewelry box production design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Paper jewelry boxes are also relatively common on the market, and paper jewelry boxes are relatively light and small. Relatively speaking, the production cost of paper jewelry boxes is not very high. Generally, it is used to install relatively cheap jewelry. But we can make relevant designs on paper fabrics.

                                          Paper jewelry box
Paper jewelry box material
Generally there are pearl paper, matte paper, tactile paper, punched paper, writing paper and so on. Generally, paper jewelry boxes, if you want to look more advanced, will work hard in fabric pattern design and other aspects. Different paper materials have different presentation effects and touches. You must first confirm which style you want. It will be easier to select materials. And the quality of different papers is also different. The use of good quality paper will last longer for the jewelry box made, and it will not be easily damaged. Especially for boxes that you want to keep for a long time, you must have a clear understanding of the choice of paper.

                                         Paper jewelry box
Making of Paper Jewelry Box
Generally, when looking for a custom-made packaging box from a manufacturer, you need to determine a customized plan first. Customers usually have their own sample drawings or design renderings. There is no need to tell the designer what you think, and use the document to draw the plane and three-dimensional structure. After confirming the design drawing, it is to determine the material and process. Generally, the sample is first proofed, and after the sample is made, it is confirmed whether it needs to be modified. The production of samples is very particular about the craftsmanship of the master, and the more complicated boxes need to be made by the proofing master very carefully. After confirming the model, we decided to open the material and arrange for the large-scale product. Organize the required materials and process procedures.

                                         Paper jewelry box
Although the price of the paper jewelry box is not too high, the craftsmanship required to make the box is not less. However, it also depends on the situation. Some need to be stamped on paper fabrics multiple times, the process is more complicated, and the cost is gradually increasing. Now more and more technologies are being updated, and the box is becoming more and more designed.

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