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Jewelry upgrade, jewelry box also want to upgrade

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Beautiful jewelry needs to have a beautiful home, and as the level of buying jewelry is getting higher, I began to consider matching them with a better jewelry box, with a soft lining, which can properly store the small treasures of fine work, and when you take out the jewelry, it can also bring out the story and memories behind the bling
My request to the new jewelry box, the grade, can hold! It has always been important to keep jewelry boxes in separate compartments, as I recall the terrible memories of opening the box when I arrived at my destination on a trip and finding all the necklaces in a tangled mess

                                        jewelry box
After my patient search, I finally pulled out the grass for Le Tanneur, a classic French leather brand! Whether in the office or at home, or travel, it can meet my jewelry storage needs.
What brand is Le Tanneur?
Le Tanneur is well known in France for its history, craftsmanship and celebrity endorsement. It was born in 1898 in the small town of Belais, France. In addition to its exquisite craftsmanship, Le Tanneur's selection of materials is highly selective and has been recognized since World War II, including by the Elysee Palace, where the leatherwork of President Charles de Gaulle's office and the jewelry box of his wife at the time are all custom-made.
Le Tanneur also provides leather to LV all year round to ensure the texture of the leather goods. And the price of its jewelry box is mostly in 1000 yuan or so, cost-effective is also extremely high.
Why did I choose Le Tanneur's jewelry box?
Le Tanneur's jewellery box comes in three colours: turtledove grey, Burgundy, black and tangerine (Hermes orange). After much confusion, I chose the classic turtledove grey, which has a French accent and a solid color that I can never get tired of seeing. Fboxy version, classic and practical. Self-weight is also possible, basically one hand can easily hold up.
The most famous is the fine leather, and when I get it, it feels so comfortable to the touch that I can't imagine, it feels so thick and soft. In addition to the workmanship, the most important investigation of the jewelry box is, to, can, pack!

                                                jewelry box
First of all, when you open the box, you can see a mirror with a bag under it to hold the necklace. Because the baffle of the mirror holds the necklace in place, you can open and close the mirror several times, but the chain does not "break" together
Next, it is the first layer of jewel box, can see divided a lot of functional areas, wait like ring, a bit bigger earring, necklace, have respective position to be able to put

                                                 jewelry box
When you open the front of the box, you can see that there is a drawer underneath. You can easily drop bracelets and necklaces into the drawer, so there is a lot of room left
In addition to its capacity, the Elephant Grey Jewelry Box also has good confidentiality. Whether the big box, or inside the small box, are equipped with a set of lock and key, is not very good? In addition, the packaging of the brand is also quite texture, metal color box, with chocolate color silk ribbon, for relatives or friends, also quite face oh!

Think about its perfect details, good leather and workmanship, should be cost-effective ~ the same heart of you, hurry to choose, of course, the other colors of this makeup box is also very attractive

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