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The introduction of three classic packaging boxes

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Search "box box type" on the Internet when this key word, there will be a lot of box type, style change, material is different. And the most common on the number of drawer type packing box, world cover type packing box, clamshell type packing box these three kinds.
1. Drawer type packing box
The box is a classic pull-out structure, which is composed of the box body and the pumping box. The box body is also called the outer box, and it has two forms: one side opening and the other side opening. This type of box is characterized by its firmness and ease of use.

                                       packaging boxes
2. Flip type packing box
This cover body and box body connected together of the structure of the box is called clamshell type packaging box, simple structure, is the most used one kind of packaging. Its box body and cover body forming, the overall effect of the atmosphere simple, favored by many high-end brands.

                                        packaging boxes
3. Heaven and earth cover packaging boxes
Tiandi cover box is also called cover type paper box. It is composed of two pieces of cardboard. The cover and the body of the box are not connected. This type of box is commonly used for packaging clothing, jewelry, food and so on.

                                         packaging boxes
Commonly used packaging box type and socket type, open window type, portable, variable form and so on. Paper box is one of the most common ways of packaging in our daily life. It not only protects products, but also makes our life more convenient.

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