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What kind of wood is good for the jewelry box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry box just as its name implies is used to hold jewelry box, a lot of people like jewelry box, every woman has their own favorite jewelry box, jewellery box on the market is varied, the different material, but relatively speaking, people prefer wooden jewelry box, wooden box gives a person the feeling of restoring ancient ways, different aesthetic feeling, but people don't know what jewelry box with good wood, so, what kind of wooden jewelry box with good?

                              wooden jewelry box
1. Plank wood jewelry box
Plank wooden jewelry box relative to mahogany casket less high-end atmosphere, the sheet but wooden jewelry box on the market is more common in recent years, mainly because the plank of wooden jewelry box with light, the sheet and wooden jewelry box, in the form of diversity, appearance beautiful, cheap, easy fabrication, so many people still like this cost-effective plank wooden jewelry box, there are many different styles on the market of plank wooden jewelry box, so the plank wooden jewelry box is more common.

                             wooden jewelry box
2. Rosewood Jewelry Box
Mahogany casket in fact there are many different types, in general, annatto points rosewood, rosewood, sweet branch wood, black acid branches, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and wenge class such as 8 categories, no matter what annatto, mahogany casket is wood grain clarity is beautiful, simple sense is good, and mahogany casket wear-resisting, the overall appearance of primitive simplicity, coupled with the copper accessories, the mahogany casket foil more elegant.

                               wooden jewelry box
Jewelry box with what wood is good in fact there are no clear provisions, in fact, no matter what wood made of jewelry box are pros and cons, we will see their favor which kind of characteristics of the jewelry box, choose suitable for their own good.

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