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What principles should be followed in jewelry packaging design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

As the market changes, in order to attract consumers' attention, more brands have not only worked hard on the quality, design, and creativity of jewelry, but also on jewelry packaging. Jewelry box not only plays a protective role for a well-designed jewellery, but also a jewellery box design that fits the brand or jewelry style can also enhance the grade of the product and increase consumers' desire to buy. After all, what principles should be followed in jewelry packaging design?

                              jewelry packaging design
1. The principle of convenience: to improve efficiency and at the same time facilitate consumer use.
2. The principle of practicality: focus on consumers and create the best effect of the product at a lower cost.
3. The principle of artistry: it is the use of the combination of technical beauty and formal beauty, which has a strong artistic appeal.

                             jewelry packaging design
4. The principle of connotation: Exploring the brand culture, design characteristics, and jewellery culture of jewellery for reasonable packaging design can enhance consumers’ trust in the product and establish a good brand awareness.
5. Commercial principles: Pursue peculiar shapes, shocking advertising slogans, prominent color matching, etc. in the jewelry packaging design for the purpose of profit, in order to attract consumers to purchase.

                                jewelry packaging design
Jewelry box design is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Beauty, functionality, and practicability are indispensable. The novel jewellery box will give your brand a certain advantage in customer choice. Customized design of the jewellery box can more effectively combine the design concept, design features and brand meaning of the jewellery, and enhance the consumer’s preference for jewellery. The identity of jewelry strengthens the brand impression.

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