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From what level should the printing of jewelry packaging box start?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In this era of rapid development, people usually do not have enough time to have a deep understanding of you due to the short time, so people will make comments on you according to your appearance, dress and appearance. The same basic principle, in the whole process of purchasing commodities, no one will deliberately stay to spend more time to know your goods in the full range of beautiful things in the storage shelves, unless it is very attractive that you do, which is also the purpose of everyone to do jewelry packaging box printing. That is to say, what level should we start from when we print the jewelry packaging box?

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Clearing up commodities is conducive to the acceptance of the masses
From the idea to the finished product, the design of the commodity utensils is carried out with various materials such as paper products, wood, or plastic. The unusual beauty of the packaging appearance, the use of raw material texture, color printing color, and the design idea and production of the brand image of happiness transmitted to everyone's perception system software.

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Safety protection goods
From the stage of being manufactured to the stage of adding consumption, the commodity has to go through the transition of time and space, and the outer packaging plays a role of safety protection in the whole process. The use of proper utensils plays a safe role in protecting the packaged goods. The outer packaging can not only prevent the physical damage of goods such as vibration, extrusion, stumbling damage, but also avoid a variety of chemical changes and other methods of accidental production. Proper outer packaging with anti-seismic grade, anti-crowding, sunscreen isolation, waterproof, corrosion prevention, leakage and other problems, to ensure the integrity of the goods in all cases. To carry out super - strong security protection of goods storage and transportation logistics.

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Convenient circulation and use of goods
In addition, the printing and design of jewelry packaging boxes attach great importance to the factors of convenience and convenience, emphasizing humanization and convenience. The design takes into account a variety of natural environments, including storage, transportation, logistics and utilization. For example, from the application level, the design concept in accordance with the man-machine relationship in ergonomics, people feel that important links are convenient and fast. If we must reduce the production cycle of outer packaging as much as possible, then we must do a good job is to carry out a series of processing processes such as market research, design ideas, production site management. In the early stage, the design concept is more critical. It is necessary to investigate the sales market and find interior designers to design the packaging design that customers can accept and like. Then you send the design concept document to the manufacturer, and you are immediately ready to start manufacturing, which can save a lot of time

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