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Basic concept of jewelry packaging box design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Before designing a jewelry box, every designer will have a basic framework and concept foundation. It is a bit similar to building a house that requires design drawings and foundation construction. For jewelry box design, they will The framework and concept are the basis for an excellent packaging box, which is also a requirement that the jewelry packaging design needs to meet.

                                 jewelry packaging box design
1. Artistic concept
Exquisite jewelry packaging boxes have a strong artistic quality in appearance and feel. Jewelry itself is a beautiful representative. If you want to perfectly show the use value and beautiful appearance of jewelry, you can show it in jewelry packaging. The artistic effect of jewelry packaging can be accomplished by printing technology, such as bronzing and embossing, which are more common on the market, are better choices.

                                      jewelry packaging box design
2. Promotion concept
The design of jewelry packaging boxes can reasonably promote the sales of jewelry products. Unique and exquisite jewelry boxes with special shapes often become a way to attract consumers. Jewelry packaging boxes have naturally become silent salespersons, which is why many businesses do The reason for choosing to work hard on the packaging.

                                    jewelry packaging box design
3. Production concept
The hot selling of many packaging boxes on the market has also led to a lot of businessmen’s demand for packaging. Not only must the exquisiteness of the jewelry box be considered, but also the timeliness of the production of the jewelry box. Therefore, when designing the packaging box, the designer A design of the jewelry box will also be considered based on the characteristics of the product, the use value of the product, the matched consumer group, and the need to save production timeliness.

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