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Necklace jewelry box custom design

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Necklaces are a favorite accessory for many girls, especially when wearing clothing that needs to show the collarbone. A necklace that matches the clothing is an improvement in the overall temperament. A good combination of clothing is not enough, and the accessories are the icing on the cake. The overall dress is even better. The appearance customization design of necklace jewelry box is generally simple and generous. Exquisite and delicate. Judging from the pictures of many necklaces and jewelry boxes, many brands of necklace box designs are basically based on the VI color, and then add a printed LOGO. But there will still be other different design styles.
Box type of necklace jewelry box
The box shape is generally rectangular, but there are also special shapes with larger sizes. At present, most of the necklace boxes on the market choose the rubber embryo as the base embryo. There are also a small number of choosing wooden embryos, generally for higher value jewelry necklaces, because the cost of choosing wooden embryos is relatively high. There are many materials that can be attached to the appearance of the rubber embryo, and the overall pattern and texture design are also diversified. When choosing wood embryos, many people will choose to spray paint, then polish and polish, so that the texture of the box is more high-end.

                                       jewelry box custom design
The material of the necklace jewelry box
The materials of necklace jewelry boxes are generally divided into three categories, paper, leather, and cloth. Paper quality can be divided into special paper such as leather-filled paper, pearl paper, writing paper, etc. Cortex: PU leather, real leather, etc. The cloth quality is: linen cloth, cotton cloth and so on. Can print patterns on related fabrics and adjust other processes. Generally, the finer and more complex the pattern, the better the touch, and the more complicated the process required. Sometimes printing a pattern may use several processes. You need a skilled master to present the effect better

                                      jewelry box custom design
Necklace jewelry box pattern
For pattern-related design, generally large company brand owners have their own design team to design, and then provide relevant design documents. Of course, there are also many customers who do not have a design sample and need to redesign, so they need to provide relevant materials. Give it to the packaging box manufacturer for redesign. First of all, we must first understand the size of the box, as well as combining the materials and creative ideas given by the customer, so that the designer can design in combination with his own ideas. Finally, a rendering will be given to the customer.

                                       jewelry box custom design
Custom production of necklace jewelry box
After the customized plan is issued, the production process must be completed. Every process must not be sloppy. No matter how small the box is, any detail that is not done well will bring a bad effect to the overall presentation. , So the packaging box manufacturers are more meticulous in this aspect. We produce by combining manual and machine. The machine is quick to produce, but when faced with more complex and detailed adjustments, manual operation is required to make the box better. Moreover, 90% of the employees in the production line of the packaging box manufacturers are old employees, and they are more familiar with the craftsmanship of the boxes. The quality of the box produced is praised higher.

                                        jewelry box custom design
The custom design and production of necklace jewelry boxes requires multiple links and requires multi-faceted communication. Therefore, the production of small boxes is not simple. The process can also be very complicated. It can be seen that the effort required to make a delicate and beautiful necklace box is not small. However, in order to make the boxes that the public love, the packaging box manufacturers still research and develop carefully, creating and enjoying quality.

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