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Jewelry box is well stored, not afraid to find when used

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Every beautiful fairy, there must be a lot of beautiful jewelry, after all, the girl for the beautiful ornaments, is completely no resistance. A wide variety of jewelry to buy more, storage is not to ignore the problem, at this time to choose a storage box can store these jewelry, it is also an essential choice.

                                            Jewelry box
Although the jewelry looks good, but often because of the small size, and easy to be lost, especially for the girls, a good jewelry box is naturally very needed. The jewel box of real wood, do not need how showily beautiful beautiful, develop the effect that receives in low-key.
Smooth appearance without too much decoration, low-key luxury and introverted, restore the sense of antique. Muti_functional partition is received, every headgear has a position that suits them, neat and orderly, looking at feel comfortable.

                                            Jewelry box
The design highlights
Delicate and compact shape, not too much space, so that the placement becomes more convenient. And the interior adopts the separation type design, you can put your own jewelry into different categories, not only looks beautiful and generous, but also more convenient and fast when you use. One-key full lock design, better protection of private space, can prevent others' curiosity to move. The golden handle is not only convenient to carry but also adorns the jewelry box, highlighting the nobility and luxury.

                                      Jewelry box
Qualitative analytical
This jewelry box is made of imported New Zealand pine wood, with natural and clear surface texture. Moreover, the solid wood material is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, so that the jewelry box will not be affected by moisture and the jewelry inside will not be damaged even when it comes back to moisture in special weather. High quality hardware accessories, unique shape and detailed carving, not easy to rust, durable. Choose flocking fabric between layers, plump and smooth, better care for jewelry, full of details.

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