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Not only for protection, jewelry boxes are also the

Published by admin 2022-12-20

From the perspective of the whole process of design, production and application, jewelry packaging is a comprehensive design project integrating visual communication design, industrial design, consumer psychology, marketing and other fields. Jewelry box is the external image of jewelry, leaving the first image for customers, so how to design a good jewelry packaging is extremely important.

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Jewelry box from only pay attention to the purpose of storage and protection of jewelry, to now give consideration to the protection, accommodation, publicity and other functional functions, jewelry box is no longer just an ordinary shape, color collocation, but also emphasize the need to create a brand image to impress customers, to maintain the transmission and sustainability of the brand. Therefore, jewelry packaging not only needs to reflect the protection of jewelry, but also needs to consider its aesthetic quality, so that customers can enjoy the beauty of jewelry and its packaging, so as to promote sales.

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Jewelry box can start from the color, color in the jewelry packaging is generally common for the brand color based on the color of the monochrome form of expression, there are also some multi-material splicing multi-color form of expression, and different colors will bring different visual reaction, must be based on the consumer psychology and brand culture to do the design.

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The importance of jewelry box is not only as a carrier of luxury goods such as jewelry, but also as a representative of the brand's culture and style positioning. Therefore, jewelry packaging in recent years no longer blindly pursues dazzling colors, but integrates jewelry boxes into the brand culture, so as to stand out from many brands and become its own style.

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