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The jewelry box with connotation has gradually become the future trend

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry packaging design is a product of thinking and planning based on visual communication design, industrial design, consumer psychology and other factors. Jewelry packaging design with brand characteristics can spread brand positioning and grasp the psychological needs of target customers. On the one hand, jewelry packaging design plays the functions of practicality, commerce, convenience, art and environmental protection, and on the other hand, it also needs to have its specific connotation.

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Connotative jewelry packaging can enhance consumers' sense of identity to jewelry; To generate awareness of brand positioning, the intension principle of jewelry packaging has the significance of supporting and displaying the design concept of jewelry itself. In jewelry packaging design, we can explore more jewelry design concept, design characteristics and even combined with brand positioning, rather than blindly piling up expensive packaging materials and more complex jewelry packaging technology, because these are the appearance of jewelry rather than the connotation.

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How to show the connotation of jewelry packaging, the use of visual impact can best show the cultural characteristics of the product, the use of color is most likely to attract the attention of consumers. The combination of different colors will give people different visual feelings, color can give a kaleidoscope of associations and has a unique symbolic meaning for some customers.

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The connotation of jewelry packaging can enhance consumers' knowledge and understanding of jewelry and have a more profound understanding of brand positioning, development and future. Therefore, jewelry manufacturers should pay more attention to the design of jewelry packaging, in order to maximize the use of jewelry packaging to promote their brands.

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