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Do you know where jewelry box printing is mainly reflected

Published by admin 2022-12-20

With the change of The Times, jewelry packaging boxes are also very attractive. The present packaging boxes reflect the close combination of authenticity and artistry. Exquisite box printing can not only enhance the value of jewelry, but also enhance the attention of consumers. Let more people know that such high-end packaging box can be easily available, not just look useless. So, what are the manifestations of it?

                                          jewelry box printing
Before that, no matter how good the jewelry is, it depends on the same exquisite jewelry box. From the point of view of consumers, to attract the attention of consumers, in order to further attract the precise purchase desire of consumers, and these exquisite and fashionable, energetic and creative packaging boxes, it is consumers enchanted.

                                          jewelry box printing
Every elaborate artistic creation lies in a "new" word. Compared with well-created jewelry, a distinctive image can better get the attention of consumers. In particular, the customization of some famous designers is based on their vision to create a unique personality and charm of the art.
1. Cultural immersion is important. Culture is the bridge that resonates with consumers.
2. Change the four-color printing to UV printing, so that the overall packaging looks more textural.

                                        jewelry box printing
3. The precise use of the new process can use the process of glass embossing.
This temperament is a high-end jewelry box, different brand jewelry will be according to own characteristic is just the opposite of the selection, performance in personality, things in nature as a mock object bionic is a common technique, unlike previous geometric packing, it is friendly and flexible and vivid, is a very beautiful packaging.

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