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What is the focus of jewelry box customization today

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Nowadays, jewelry box customization is mainly based on product packaging shape and color application as a marketing means. Jewelry box is the external image of jewelry, so how to design a good jewelry box is extremely important.
Jewelry packaging box is different from other commodity packaging, not only the product itself as a luxury, its packaging design needs to highlight the quality and uniqueness of jewelry. Jewelry packaging boxes need to meet people's psychological feelings, so the design positioning is usually elegant, gorgeous, expensive, fashion, now more and more brands in the design of jewelry packaging, no longer blindly pursue dazzling colors, jewelry packaging to be minimalist, high-grade, classic and eternal, highlighting the noble atmosphere from the details.

                                       jewelry box customization
Jewelry packaging box is the external image of the brand and the first impression left to customers. It is necessary to consider not only the protection of the jewelry, but also its aesthetic quality. The combination of graphics, colors and other elements displayed in the jewelry packaging box can bring customers the enjoyment of beauty.

                                        jewelry box customization
The most attractive thing for jewelry packaging is to start from the color. Color in jewelry packaging is usually the monochromatic expression form with the natural color of leather as the main color, and some use the multi-color expression form with multi-material splicing. Different colors will bring different visual reactions, and the design must be done from the perspective of consumer psychology.

                                          jewelry box customization
Jewelry packaging from the beginning of the focus on the inclusion and protection of jewelry, to the current protection, accommodation, sales and other functions, jewelry box is not only a simple model, color matching, but to create a brand image to impress customers, to maintain the credibility and sustainability of the brand.

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