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Is the jewelry box just a bonus for the transaction?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Is the jewellery box just a bonus for the transaction? How much influence does a creative jewelry box have on transaction volume? Jewelry boxes are now more and more high-end, more and more ingenious! In addition to being a trade bonus, what else does it do?

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1. Storage of jewelry and jewelry: The simple understanding of jewelry box is the box that contains things, and the jewelry box means to collect and collect jewelry and jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The jewelry storage box is a multi-functional jewelry box designed according to the needs of consumers. It is divided into several layers and each layer has many square grids. These are used to store jewelry of different shapes and materials, and are specially set up and placed. The location is not only organized, but also very convenient to pick up.

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2. Decorate the room: The beauty of the jewelry box is conducive to decorating the entire room, making the room more design and artistic.
3. Protect jewelry and jewelry: The inside of the jewelry box is partitioned with soft materials to avoid scratches. The most important thing is to prevent some jewelry and jewelry from oxidation and discoloration due to air and environmental factors. 

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In summary, in addition to the above three points, in fact, the jewelry box has another function to reflect the taste and aesthetics of girls. The grade of the jewelry box represents a taste; with the development of society, the taste of consumers is getting higher and higher. Yes, the grade requirements for jewelry boxes are also very high. Nowadays jewelry boxes not only have the above functions, but also have strong artistic and aesthetic qualities. However, the different materials represent different tastes, so girls are When choosing a jewelry box, you must choose what you like.

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