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Do you know the function of jewelry packaging?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry box refers to the outer packaging and protection of jewelry, which is an important aspect of product management and management. A piece of exquisite jewelry packaging can give the guests a bright effect, so that customers leave the impression of the product, thus increasing its sales. So how does jewelry packaging play an important role in sales?

                                              jewelry packaging
First, the storage of jewelry: the most direct role of jewelry box is the security collection of jewelry. According to the storage of different shapes and materials of jewelry, it is designed independently. It is not only orderly to store, but also very convenient to pick up.

                                                  jewelry packaging
Second, the protection of jewelry: jewelry box is the use of soft material partition, to avoid the jewelry is scratched, the most important thing is to prevent some jewelry because of air, environmental factors and oxidation discoloration.

                                             jewelry packaging
Third, decorate the room: jewelry boxes can be used to decorate the whole room, so that the room as a whole has a sense of design and artistic sense.
In addition to the above three points, in fact, jewelry boxes can also reflect the taste of girls and their aesthetic standards. With the development of society, consumers' taste is getting higher and higher. Jewelry packaging should not only meet the above functions, but also have strong artistic and aesthetic qualities. Therefore, when choosing jewelry packaging design, we must choose the design according to our own brand.

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