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Packaging box custom common three flip box types

Published by admin 2022-12-20

There are two kinds of common clamshell box, one is a single-layer clamshell box, one is a double-layer clamshell box, and then is a special-shaped clamshell box. The price of the three kinds of packaging boxes are not the same, among which the price of the double flap box is the highest, and the grade is also the best double flap box.

                                           flip jewelry box
Three boxes are suitable for different products, we all know that only suitable is the best. Therefore, the box must be customized before choosing the right box type is the best, let the macro packaging to share with you several kinds of clamshell box suitable for what products.

                                               flip jewelry box
Single layer of the book is more widely used, general products can be selected, only in the design with the inner to do some of the move can be competent for many products packaging. Packaging box customization process is the most simple and the cheapest price is a single flip box, but also the most widely used.

                                           flip jewelry box
Double clamshell box is a very high-grade clamshell box, with two parts of the upper box and the lower box connected together. The upper box can be used to store products or simply used for decoration. General double flip box is suitable for cosmetics, jewelry and other high-grade products, the price of customized packaging box is also the highest. The last special-shaped clamshell box has been relatively new sense of science and technology is more sufficient, so more suitable for the packaging of electronic products. Its price is also more moderate, for electronic products is also more appropriate.

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