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What is the best way to display jewelry?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Visual marketing is the general term of the way of expression that stores convey visual information to customers. Among them, the way of display of jewelry display props has flexible and changeable ways and unique design of products, which makes it play an important role in visual marketing.
1. Vertical display
Jewelry display along the vertical direction, although can present a sense of longitudinal extension, easy to browse and find goods. However, because the repeated use of vertical will give customers a monotonous impression, the display also needs to be decorated to improve the effect.

                                   display jewelry box
2. Horizontal display
Jewelry display along the left and right horizontal, although can show the width of the horizontal extension, but not to show the depth. This kind of display is static and has taste, which is convenient for customers to compare the display mode, but lack of change, and it needs moderate decoration to enhance the display atmosphere.

                                    jewelry box
3. Vertical and horizontal display
Jewelry is displayed horizontally and horizontally like a chessboard. Due to its neat display, it is easy to compare jewelry on the display surface. However, due to the lack of theme, it is easy to cause boredom and the lack of charm of jewelry. At the same time, we should pay attention to the interval between jewelry.

                                       jewelry box
4. Oblique display
Jewelry display along the diagonal direction, appears to have changes, with dynamic, but also to present a sense of space. However, it is easy to cause instability on the display surface, and excessive use will bring complex, poor visual perception and other problems, so we need to pay attention to the overall coordination.

                                  jewelry box
Jewelry display props are the stage to show the beauty of jewelry to customers. Jewelry display display is a carefully prepared performance. Jewelry display should take into account the characteristics of jewelry, use some ingenious ideas and artistic techniques, highlight the personality and brand culture of jewelry; To highlight the jewelry jewelry display props design, create a good visual marketing.

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