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What do I need to pay attention to when designing corrugated packaging boxes?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In the new century, the concept of environmental protection has filled the minds of people. It can be said that many companies are promoting environmental protection, especially for the packaging industry, but also the need for the existence of this idea. With regard to different packaging materials, paper packaging materials are cheaper than other materials such as glass, metal and plastic, and can be recycled, which is not only beneficial to environmental protection in the market, but also allows businesses to invest less in costs. Among the various types of paper packaging, corrugated boxes can be said to be superior in this field. Let's talk about the following considerations.

I. Choice of material
Corrugated boxes are mainly made of corrugated cardboard, so printing and weather humidity factors need to be taken into account when choosing the surface paper.

designing corrugated packaging boxes

Second, the printing process
In addition to the protection of goods, carton packaging has an important function of display, so there will be printing problems outside the packaging.

designing corrugated packaging boxes

Three, size design
Corrugated packaging box has a very good feature is that its shape can be diversified, according to the actual shape and size of the items to design, will not be too large or too small and other reasons make the carton can not be loaded or the carton will be broken so as to lose the nature of protection.

designing corrugated packaging boxes

Fourth, packaging design
Packaging design is simply the product's clothing, just like people wear clothes not only to keep warm and to look good, the packaging box box is also the same, the principle of design is always let people have a kind of bright feeling.

designing corrugated packaging boxes

With the continuous development of packaging technology nowadays, the competition among us in the market is also very fierce. In this case, merchants and consumers for all kinds of product packaging requirements are also increasingly demanding. In the next few years, the development trend of the packaging industry is to strive for the majority of consumers, to provide more convenient and high-quality low-cost packaging. In general, the packaging cost will be reduced at the same time, to welcome the creation of a more high-quality packaging. Then also reduce the cost of packaging, the main method is to choose some relatively low price, lighter weight raw materials to produce and transport. This will not only reduce the costs incurred in the production process, but also reduce the cost of transportation weight. Thus shortening the production time of packaging, but also for the major merchants to provide more benefits. In addition, consumers also gain a lot of convenience.

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