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How to design the jewelry box that fits the product?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Our continuous development and progress of society and economy, people's perception of the brand has been improved, brand reputation directly affect the sales of the product, for the jewelry industry, jewelry packaging is art, is a very important learning, with the constant change of consumer market of the wind, to the design of jewelry packaging requirements also continuously in ascension. Among them, the jewelry box needs the design of the fitting product more. In order to do this, we must first understand what kinds of jewelry boxes can be divided into according to the materials.
According to different materials, jewelry boxes can be divided into paper boxes, rubber boxes, and lacquered wood boxes. General paper jewelry box, as the name implies that is made of paper is made of cardboard, the outside of the general paper.

                                     design the jewelry box
Jewelry boxes of gelatinous embryos are generally made of open molds. The gelatinous embryos are pasted with a layer of paper. The paper here is also divided into imported paper and domestic paper. The lacquered wood box is mainly made of wood. The surface is sprayed with paint or stick with wood grain paper. It is mainly for the sake of beauty.

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Secondly, when making jewelry boxes, we need to consider the functionality and practicality. In the design, the jewelry box must take into account the practicality of the interior, such as thickness, height, spacing size; According to the display of jewelry; Such as rings, earrings, buttons, watches and so on, according to the actual design of different products, and the box internal plastering must pay attention to not overflow glue.

                                      design the jewelry box
There is also the jewelry box LOGO printed on the jewelry package is generally bronzing or silver stamping, the method is the same as the branding of products, just put a layer of bronzing and silver stamping film on the surface of the branding. Targeted jewelry boxes can be more suitable for the design of jewelry, and the design features and brand significance can be combined to enhance consumers' sense of trust in the brand and establish a good brand awareness.

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