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What are the design of the watch box

Published by admin 2022-12-20

For people nowadays, the watch is not only a timing tool, but also an ornament. Now more and more people like to wear watches, and watch brands are also diverse. In addition to watching the time, wearing a watch is sometimes an embellishment of the overall temperament. Now there are endless designs of watch boxes. The design is becoming more and more refined and high-end, very distinctive. The editor of the packaging box manufacturer will tell you what are the watch box designs on the market now?

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World cover watch box design
It is also relatively common to make the watch box into a heaven and earth cover structure. For example, Casio watches also use a heaven and earth cover structure. The box material is made of iron, with a sponge inside, and a slot for the watch box is designed. And its exterior design uses spray paint, fonts are printed with lasers, and some LOGO patterns are printed with silk screens. This box is also a special one among the watch boxes. People can judge that it is a Casio brand box by seeing the general appearance.

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Flip watch box design
At present, the most popular watch box design structure on the market is the clamshell type, which is square or arc-shaped. The clamshell watch box is easy to open. The watch box is generally larger in size. The place where the watch is placed is designed with a groove, and a watch pillow bag is added to the outside, which also gives enough space to protect the watch and reduce the buffer force during collision.

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Box in box watch box design
I see big-brand watch boxes with box-in-box design. It is the first layer of box with the world cover box, foldable design. The second layer of boxes is used to hold watches. The box on the second layer is generally designed as a clamshell type. Generally, the overall color system of the box adopts the brand's VI color system, which is simple and generous.

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The design of the watch box is also constantly changing, and the designer will make further adjustments to the design based on the user's favorite. Packaging box manufacturers, specializing in custom watch boxes, can be customized according to the brand's design, communicate with customers in all directions, design customized solutions and production. Welcome to consult with pictures and customize with samples.

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