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How to Design Custom Jewelry Box?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Jewelry box is an indispensable part of jewelry sales and a form of external promotion. Creative jewelry box design is not only a beautiful coat for jewelry to enter the market, but also an effective means to reflect the value of jewelry and enhance customers' desire to buy. Imaginative ideas come from the designer's market insight and positive imagination; Is knowledge and experience for a long time, creativity is the key to packaging design to enhance the desire to buy. What factors need to be considered to promote sales of the jewelry box? Today, I will explain to you from the following aspects.
1. Jewelry packaging box design should be based on "product", combined with the characteristics of jewelry itself, according to its volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors to determine the form of packaging. Shape the brand personality and temperament, fully reflect the attributes of the product.

                                          Custom Jewelry Box
2. Jewelry packaging box design should be centered on "consumers", which is designed to promote consumers' purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, study their psychology, and conduct targeted design on the basis of market research. Packaging style and emotional expression must be in line with the target group's age, level, aesthetic taste, so as to resonate with them.

                                         Custom Jewelry Box
3. Jewelry packaging box design should be oriented by the "market". Before the conception of design, it is necessary to carry out relevant market research, fully understand the market situation, obtain the freshest design concept from the feedback information of the market, and make reasonable positioning, so as to avoid the disconnect between designers and the market caused by their blind pursuit of personal ideas.

                                          Custom Jewelry Box
4. Jewelry packaging box design takes "material" as the key point, and the choice should be able to fully protect the goods. The choice of packaging material should not only take into account the modeling and color of packaging, but also solve the problems of structure, material, cost, technology and so on. Especially for jewelry, their value is relatively expensive and easy to be damaged. Therefore, the functional requirements of packaging are relatively high. Good material and structure can avoid physical and chemical damage to the greatest extent, and play a better role in storage and protection of jewelry. In addition, the size of jewelry is small and the shape is different, so the packaging should give full consideration to the integration, storage and transportation of the product, to prevent the slide and loss of jewelry, but also easy to carry, easy to open.
After a wide understanding, designers can give full play to their personal imagination and creativity according to the information they have, and make initial creative ideas. After further repeated communication, improvement and development, they can finally design jewelry packaging that can enhance customers' desire to buy.

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