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Does the watch box need maintenance?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The plastic watch box, as the name suggests, is a box specially used to store watches. The watch boxes have many styles and different materials, and they are planned according to the level of the watch.
Many people are looking for plastic watch boxes. Perhaps this is a trekking element of people's living standards. It is not only used to protect watches, but also the phenomenon is that they are not buying famous watches, but using famous brand watch boxes. This is also a kind of fashionable. trend. The watch box can trudge the image of the watch, and it will trek the taste of itself.

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In the future, as people’s concept of time is getting stronger and stronger, more and more people will use watches, but it’s not a famous brand, but many people love their watches. Watches are very easy to have feelings. , It protects the watch, so I will buy a watch box to store the watch to protect the watch to the greatest extent. So what should I pay attention to when using the plastic watch box every day? How to maintain it?

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1. The plastic watch box must not be dropped, which is very simple to cause an imbalance in the closure
2. It is best not to touch the watch box when your hands are wet, especially after washing clothes
3. Try to be more delicate when closing, because this is a delicate item
4. You also need to be gentle when you open it. If you use too much force, you will probably weigh the watch.

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Plastic watch box maintenance
1. The surface layer in the box must be protected
2. It is best to use only clean water when cleaning
3. Don't place it in a rough place when it is usually placed
4. Once the surface layer in the box becomes loose, it is recommended to add some cotton stuff to ensure firmness
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