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Customized personalized watch box, divided into three different delivery stages

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Companies that use customized watch boxes can not only build brand images, but also easily promote other products or offers. Although customizing a watch box has many advantages, it is indeed a very time-consuming process. In fact, custom watch boxes must take longer to manufacture than traditional packaging. For custom watch boxes, the packaging delivery time may be between a few weeks to a few months. Therefore, if someone wants to introduce a new custom watch box for their product, such as a holiday or holiday, it is important to start planning as early as possible. Custom boxes are usually delivered in three different stages:

Each of these different stages has its own time requirements, and none of them can be completed overnight. For example, the actual cutting and printing time of the box is shorter compared to other stages. In addition, the difference between the time required to manufacture thousands of boxes or 100,000 boxes is very small. The stages involving proofing, tool setting and transportation are much more time-consuming.

Customized Personalized Watch Box

Custom watch box step 1: pre-press

Prepress is the stage between the creation of the actual printing layout and the final printing. When you order a custom watch box, the pre-press team will send you a digital certificate to check whether they have correctly understood all the details of your order or whether they have approved the optimization used in the manufacturing process. This process involves many back and forth until the final specification is finalized. Once both parties are satisfied and the digital proofs are approved, the next phase begins, which is manufacturing.

Customized Personalized Watch Box

Custom watch box step 2: manufacture

The manufacture of custom watch boxes involves cutting a board and printing on it. Cutting and printing can be completed in just a few hours. However, it takes longer to set up tools and inks for printing. This involves setting up a custom cutting die designed specifically for your box.

In order to print boxes in batches, offset printing is the most commonly used. This again involves setting up a printing plate made specifically for your order. In order to significantly reduce processing time, companies can choose digital printing technology and laser cutting corrugated boxes.

Customized Personalized Watch Box

Custom watch box step 3: Shipping

After the boxes are manufactured, they are removed from the manufacturing space and ready for shipment. Customized boxes need to be appropriately packaged according to the customized shape, and then shipped. These boxes are tied up, loaded onto pallets and packaged before being loaded on the transport vehicle. After the order is shipped, the time required for your order to arrive depends entirely on the shipping time and shipping conditions.

To reduce shipping time, you can upgrade to speed up delivery, but this is a very expensive option. Therefore, it is best to start the custom watch box you actually need a few months in advance. When you order a custom watch box, you need to understand the multiple stages that involve manual and automatic intervention. It takes time to deliver custom watch box orders, and if needed in a short time, manufacturing costs will surely soar. When you order thousands of custom watch boxes, neither you nor the packaging manufacturer can make any mistakes. Therefore, if you want to ensure that a custom watch box is ready as soon as possible, you will have to communicate a quick and accurate decision. Or invest in efficient artwork management software to make your artwork approval process super fast.

Customized Personalized Watch Box

Companies that fully understand the packaging manufacturing process can save a lot of time by working closely with their purchasing partners or suppliers. In the manufacturing industry, why one manufacturer can print within three weeks, while another may take one month, this involves many variables and practical reasons. Always remember that the fastest is not necessarily the best. The cheapest is probably because of your order time.

Therefore, it is recommended that merchants first study the relevant manufacturers and discuss the complete idea before placing orders for custom watch boxes. Does your company encounter any problems when ordering custom watch boxes? You can also consult with us, which can provide you with professional answers.

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