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Customized jewelry packaging box, what materials are available

Published by admin 2022-12-20

Although the jewelry industry has existed for centuries, its jewelry boxes have not developed much. With the increase of modern people's requirements for beauty, various shapes of jewelry packaging boxes have appeared on the market. Then what materials are commonly used in jewelry boxes?
1. Paper jewelry box
Jewelry boxes made of paper or cardboard are usually individual jewelry boxes. They are primarily used for gift wrapping, so they are not a suitable primary storage option for one's jewelry collection, and most of them come with a variety of soft fabric linings or cushions to protect the interior parts. They are very light and come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from simple to complex. 

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2. Velvet jewelry box
A velvet jewel box, or a jewel box covered in velvet, is a very familiar image to most people. Velvet is one of the most commonly used fabrics and can be used to either decorate the inside or cover the outside of a jewelry box. Its soft look and tactile feel give the jewel box a very refined look, while the reputation this fabric has gained throughout history gives it a very royal charm. Authentic velvet is usually very expensive to produce, and its unique softness makes us associate it with aristocracy.

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3. Leather/faux leather jewellery box
The leather jewelry box is not actually made of leather, but is wrapped in it. Leather is very popular among fashion designers and home decor because it looks very chic and expensive, but it is also a very durable material. Leather is a very popular material for men's jewelry boxes because it is thought to give them a more manly, rugged look, while fabrics such as satin or velvet or materials such as glass give a woman's case a sense of elegance and refinement.

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Given its flexibility, some of the more unusual jewelry storage options, such as jewelry rolls and pouches, are made of leather to give them both the required flexibility and the durability that customers want. In recent years, consumers have become more and more interested in artificial leather because of its high environmental protection and cost. However, one must realize that bad leather is not the only reason to choose artificial leather products.

For one thing, the size of faux leather can be larger than that of most animals, which means people have more choices. In addition, because it is produced synthetically, it can be made into a matte or stronger material as needed, and in addition, faux leather doesn't soften and age as real leather does, meaning it can last longer while retaining its original properties.
These are some common jewelry packaging materials introduced above. With the progress of society, in the near future, there will be many materials that are relatively light, easy to be made, reusable and popular with consumers. They will be applied to the packaging of jewelry boxes.

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