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Corrugated box packaging box features and classification

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In the new era of the 21st century, the concept of environmental protection has been reflected in the marrow of people. Whether the world's advocacy, or the country and even the whole of humanity must pay attention to the issue, so many companies are advocating environmental protection, especially for the packaging industry, which is now widely used, more need for the existence of this idea.

Corrugated box packaging box

For different packaging materials, it can be said that the choice of paper is relatively important for packaging materials, because the price of other materials such as glass, metal, plastic, etc., relatively expensive, but paper is not only cheap and can also be recycled resources, which is not only conducive to our current market among the environmental protection, but also allows businesses to invest less costs. Corrugated boxes are better in this area.

Corrugated box packaging box

The common classifications of corrugated boxes include standard slotted box - RSC, half slotted box - HSC, stacked lid box - OSC, full stacked lid type - FOL, fully enclosed slotted box CSSC, fully enclosed stacked lid box SFF, etc.

Corrugated box packaging box

Corrugated box packaging box features: can effectively improve production efficiency; cost can be compressed to a very low level; good compression resistance, good safety and guaranteed transportation.

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