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When jewelry is combined with jewelry box, it can be so noble

Published by admin 2022-12-20

"Jewelry box" is a jewelry box decorated with jewelry technology. It was born in response to the needs of the first group of women with free spirit in the early 20th century, making it convenient for them to make up, smoke and check their time when they go out. Hidden in the box are drawers, mechanical mechanisms and other ingenious designs, which provide practical functions with the changes of the times.

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For example, in 1925, Strauss, Allard & Meyer, a manufacturer in Paris, created a make-up box that imitates the opening mode of envelopes. Open the box cover to see the mirror and powder box, and the side edge is a hidden drawer for lipstick. There are also many jewelry merchants who combine jewelry with jewelry boxes to launch jewelry boxes.

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Early jewelry boxes often used large semi precious stones to make boxes, with fine inlay, collage and metalworking decoration. In the exhibition, you can see a complete box made of agate, lapis lazuli and Dongling jade, and a box cover made of carved jadeite, highlighting the natural colors and patterns of gemstones. The enamel box has more colorful colors, showing rich themes such as character scenes, natural plants, decorative patterns, etc. the lid buckle is small and exquisite, inlaid with small diamonds.

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With the rise of decorative art trend, the influence of Oriental Culture on European design is naturally reflected, such as door cymbals from China, Persian style patterns, etc. A chrysanthemum jewelry box made in 1928 takes the chrysanthemum pattern of Japanese royal family as the design element. The chrysanthemum petals on the box cover are made of arc ruby, Amethyst and sapphire, and the oblique branches and leaves are inlaid with Onyx and emerald, showing full of vitality. So don't look at the small jewelry box, people are noble, ordinary people really can't afford it.

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